We are a husband and wife team, Darrin and Melissa Bridgman!

We have three beautiful daughters and a granddaughter and no one seems to believe we're grandparents, but we are! and let me tell you speaking from experience, when we got married, the most expensive thing was our DJ! and he wasnt all that... at all...seriously though... he wasn't...Which brings us to our adventure.

Darrin had years of experience DJing in night clubs as well as 25 years in the hospitality industry... He had a crazy idea one day, we can do this on our own, and be so much more affordable to couples! pssssh! Melissa laughed about it... and several years later, he proved her wrong!

So Darrin started small- advertising on Groupon and after the first wedding four years ago, the bride told us about "Bride to Bride" on Facebook and we blew up! We have rapidly grown in such a small amount of time. So much so that now we have two full-time DJ's- Darrin and Paris. They are both AMAZING!!! They both strive to make sure our clients events are FLAWLESS!  

Not to mention, we've got top of the line equipment and even our most basic package offers sooooo much more than a lot of our competitors. We pride ourselves on HIGH- QUALITY. 

So you might say... Yeah, Yeah...What makes Re-Spin stand out?

We are a one stop entertainment shop, the whole package!

When our couples book us for a wedding or when our clients book us for an event, we are here for them every step of the way, not just for music! We want to help make their event as stress-free as possible. We go above and beyond to make sure everything is PERFECT for your event!

I'll even go buy the bride garters if she needs them! (yeah that happened) I can't emphasize enough that we would do anything for you!

We are who we say we are... what you see is what you get. Us in a nutshell? two people that are in love- loving what they do together. This is our passion. This isn't a job for us- this is what we LOVE doing. 

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Are you still interested in booking Re-Spin for your next event? 

Please contact us, we would love to chat with you!

Darrin and Melissa Bridgman